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                                               N-Conveyor and Scale                                                       
  N-conveyor is suitable machine for conveying transport of pellets and grain. It has been constituted by an electric motor directly connected to a flexible coil tube and transport from the chamber at the bottom of the hopper. So transport tube can move freely, it is available to be transported in a small space. Transport tube is completely sealed. Thus, no contamination, or no scattering during transport, it doesn't pollute the working environment. In addition, it is designed and maintenance can reduce the burden that decomposition can be easily without tools.  

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Standard Specification
                   Model   NBS (P) -21  NBS (P) -34
 Max. capacity
 0.3 m3/hr  0.7 m3/hr
 Max. material size
 3 mm
 10 mm
     200 V 3 ph 0.4 kw  
     200 V 3 ph 1.5 kw   
           Transport distance  Max. 10m (Angle R3000)

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