Company Profile

Nagasaki Kiki (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

We have been established on 6th March 1998 with the initial production of weighing and bagging machine.

Since then, we have received many inquiries about these machines. Most of the orders are from various industries, such as Feed, Chemical, Fertilizer, Food, Medical industry. As a result, sales of the machine have expanded rapidly as shown in the attached delivery record. Now, we are manufacturing the Automatic Weighing Machine, Automatic Bagging Machine, Flexible Container Bagging Machine, etc.

Machines for this kind of industry are greatly influenced by the characteristics of the subject products for weighing; water content, particle size shape, bulk density, etc. Accordingly, our company set up a specific framework exclusively to design and manufacture the subject products based on the results from experiment and our experience.

Therefore, our products are well accepted and gaining more orders. In addition to the Automatic Weighing & Bagging System, we have developed the Blender System for feed blender plants for chemical fertilizer; combined fertilizer, and the Automatic Bagging Machine. Thus, we have made big advances as a plant manufacturer in the field of bagging.

Furthermore, we are always in close touch with our clients for after-sales service in the firm belief that high-quality machines can only be manufactured with the co-operation of the users and that we have a responsibility for our products from the starting to the machine's life. In this aspect, we are gaining popularity among clients.

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