AMO-Pack (Asia) | Valve Bag Filling Machine

Automatic Powder Bagging and Sealing Line for Valve Bags

AMO-Pack (ASIA) CO., LTD. (AMO) is a joint venture with NAKASHIMA Seisakusho Co., Ltd. As the growth of the industry, AMO has machines that can support customer's demand and increase in production capacity which are:

  • •  AMO-Packer, the automatic valve bag filling machine.
  • •  AMO Bag placer, the automatic valve bag placer that will let you get a higher capacity.
  • •  AMO valve sealer, automatic valve sealer. It seals your bags neatly and perfectly.
  • •  AMO Pump, the automatic pump for powder products.

We design, manufacture, test, and install automatic powder bagging machines line. We have been established on 11th March 2004. We have conducted designs and tests by our highly experienced technicians.  You can bring your product to test with a demo machine at our site free of charge.