Nagasaki Kiki (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (NKT)

We are a leading manufacturer of automatic weighing and bagging systems. Our products are automatic weighing, open-mouth bagging machine, big bag filling machine, and other equipment in automatic packing line are designed by our engineer team who are experts in automatic weighing and bagging systems to accommodate our client capacity. Our machines are made in Thailand according to the International standard. All machines are tailor-made with reasonable prices and also meet clients' requirements and satisfaction.

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Nagasaki Kiki (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (NKT) - is a leading manufacturer of automatic weighing and bagging machines.


Auto open-mouth bagging machine with sewing machine

NKT Open-Mouth & Bulk Bags Bagging Machines

BM-Series are an automatic bagging machine for open-mouth bags that is suitable for PE bags, PP Woven bags, and Kraft paper bags. Read More

AMO automatic valve packing machine with heat sealer

AMO Valve Bags Packing Machines

AMO Packer & AMO Bag Placer can pack products that are powder in a wide range of weights with high accuracy. With our design and technology, AMO Packer is easy to use, easy to maintain, and has reliable performance. Read More

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