NKT Automatic Bagging Machine

NKT has Industrial Automatic Bagging Machines for Sale

์NKT's automatic bagging machines for rice, sugar, plastic pellet, fertilizer, and animal feedAutomatic bagging machines are widely used in many factories around the world in the packaging process. They are considered a crucial final process in the manufacturing chain of production. Without the high-speed and efficiency of an automatic bagging system, many factories would not be able to remain profitable in the face of increased competition.

When delivering products to your customer, suitable packaging and weight are the main considerations. An industrial bagging machine is a machine which fills products into bags up to a specific weight, and closes the mouth of the bags automatically. We also provide small bagging machines that are part of an automatic bagging system for reduced capacity factories and packaging operations

Our automatic bagger machines are suitable for rice, flour, spices, tapioca starch, rice starch or any type of food-grade bagging materials that have a fine-grain consistency. The auto baggers are also suitable for all non-food grade materials of a small or granulated lightweight consistency including, but not limited to, fertilizer, potting soil, plastic pellets, and packing materials such as small styrofoam pellets.

All our automated bagging machines are designed to work seamlessly in conjunction with our line of weighing machines. They will provide an improvement to any production operation that depends on the rapid supply of uniformly bagged and weighed products with an extremely limited range of weight variations. They are also designed to reduce spillage and wasted materials in the bagging process.

We Continuously Improve our Products

A PE bag, a PP Woven bag, and a Kraft paper bag are used to pack powder, pellets, or granulated products inside the bag before sending to the customer. Nagasaki Kiki (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has been a specialist in bagging machines for open mouth bags for more than 15 years. We’ve been serving the industrial sector by providing high-quality, well-engineered and durable bagging and weighing machines used by agricultural product providers and industrial manufacturers all across Thailand.

NKT proudly presents the automatic bagging machine "BM Series". This series represents our ongoing efforts to improve the operational efficiency of every manufacturer of bagged products in Thailand.

The BM series are automated bagging machines which are suitable for a PE bag, PP Woven bag, and a Kraft paper bag. The auto bagging machine is tailor-made for various bag sizes used by our clients. Its capacity is 200-1200 bags per hour. The bagging machine is used with the weighing machine (WM-Series) for the synchronization of weighing and bagging systems.

These machines are easy to use and can be quickly adjusted to match the changing product flow rates and material types for any production and packaging operation. We also offer customizations and maintenance services on every product we sell.

Model Capacity Fill Weight Accuracy
BM-200C 200 20~50 kg ±1/1000~1/2000
BM-400C 400
BM-600C 600
BM-800S 800
BM-1000S 1000
BM-1200S 1200

Contact Nagasaki Kiki (Thailand) Co., Ltd. for more information about any of our bagging and weighing machine products. We can furnish all manufacturers and packagers with the right products to increase their output volume, and improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their operations.