NKT Conveyor Systems

Conveyor Systems

One important system which will enhance your system to be a fully automatic system is Conveyor System. NKT can design various conveyor systems to accommodate customer factory space and silo position. We can provide additional equipment according to the clients' requirements to check that their products are in quality or not.

Here's a list of some devices that are usually equipped in the systems.

  • Weight checker — Checking the weight of each bag.
  • Metal detector
  • Press conveyor — For forming the bags before arranging them on a pallet by robotic palletizer.
  • Printer or Ink-jet Printer —To print tag number of products or other information on the bags.
  • Other devices

We also provide technical support after the installation of each device so your production line shall work effectively and continuously. All designed conveyors follow international standards such as Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS).