NKT Jumbo Bag Filling Machine

Jumbo Bag Filling Machine for Sale

  • NKT's jumbo bag filling machineBased on vast experience in the field of filling technology, NKT introduces the efficient jumbo bag filling machine or bulk bag filling machine and its optional items depending on various conditions. The capacity of the weighing machine for the NKT jumbo bag varies from 250 kg to 1,000 kg depending on the customer order. The weighing machine with the filling machine achieves its process with high-accuracy with 2 sigma and Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS).Here are some examples of the capacities for pellet products:

    Example of Capacity for Pellet Products

    Weighing Type Capacity Product weight
    Net weighing type 50 bags/hr 1,000 kg
    Gross weighing type 20 bags/hr 1,000 kg
  • NKT's jumbo bag filling machine with description of each equipment

NKT provides bulk bag filling equipment that enables manufacturers to increase the volume of their output while improving the efficiency of their operations. Our bulk bag filling systems consist of two machines; a big bag filling machine that works in conjunction with a weighing machine to improve the flow of production lines and reduce spillage and wasted materials.

Our automatic bag filler machines are well-designed and ruggedly built to meet the demands of the rapidly increasing speeds and improved production methods of Thailand’s manufacturers today. By investing in one, or several, of our bulk bag filling machines, manufacturers will be able to meet the increased demand for their products and prevent slowdowns in their production lines.

Our bulk bag fillers can also work alongside existing bag filling machines to provide additional capabilities as the manufacturer’s business expands into carrying other types of products, or experiences a rapid improvement in their production capabilities.

About Nagasaki Kiki (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Nagasaki Kiki (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has been established in Thailand since March of 1998. We set up our business to serve the manufacturers of Thailand.

We specialize in providing automatic bag filling and weighing machines that suit manufacturers and processors of all fine-grained products such as rice, starch, and tapioca starch, from the food sector, plus plastics, styrofoam, and other materials from the industrial sector.

Developing Products for Thailand

Since Thailand has such a well-established agricultural history and commercial infrastructure, we developed bagging and weighing systems that were uniquely suitable for organic and chemical fertilizers as well as potting soils and loam. We also developed a blender system for feed consumed by animals in the farming sector of Thailand.

All of the products we’ve developed and currently sell to the various industries and sectors of Thailand’s manufacturers were developed with the end-users’ products and needs in mind.

We pay close attention to the characteristics of the various materials sold by our customers and take into account the particle size and shape, the bulk density, and the water content of the materials. We account for these characteristics and perform experiments and tests on each of our products until they measure up to the demands of their intended purpose. We also produce maintenance and customization services for all of our products.

Nagasaki Kiki (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is proud of the contribution we’ve made to Thailand’s manufacturing industry, and we intend to keep improving and developing our products to meet the demands of the future.